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Posh Promotional Models


When you need quality and skilled Promotional staff to reflect your brand, our Posh Models Team are experts. Our detailed selection process will ensure precisely the Talent you require for all your event needs. We provide an array of Talent who are trained and tested on your brand prior to sending to any assignment. Check out and book our models through our website portal. With our quality and quantity network, we can support multi-market and national campaigns, coast-to-coast. From NFL, NBA, Fashion trade shows, to your favorite liquor or beverages. We provide beautiful professional models for any of your events.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors that amplify your brand and create emotional connection with consumers!

Engage with consumers and promote your product or service through our Brand Ambassador program. Brand Ambassadors personify your company and act as representatives by educating and generating awareness on your behalf. These interactions can be highly effective in creating emotional connections with consumers and relaying the energy of your brand!

Trade Show

Enhance Trade Show Attendee’s Experiences… With Posh Models.

Posh Models supports trade shows and conventions, both large and small and can staff all aspects of the show. We offer premium trade show models with hands and feet on the ground for a wide variety of venues/trade show types. Hosting a booth or a trade show? Need premier Talent to interact, educate, demo, or sample? Posh provides experienced, qualified models and brand ambassadors for demo, booth, and information assistance. Impact Buyers, Suppliers, and Consumers leave a lasting effect, long after the show.

Auto Show

Posh models are extremely attractive and can speak intelligently about the make and model of automobile she is representing.

Experienced car show models are an ideal solution to represent your brand at an auto event. They will attract customers with their professional presence and confident presentation. A great smile and warm hello are sure to stop visitors long enough for the model to engage them in the latest technology or luxurious comfort your auto has to offer.